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Post by Miizzu on Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:29 am

Here, you can find helpful hints, ask questions, ask for help, be a funnyface or just hang out.
Please leave drama at the door.
We are in a safe place here, where everyone is accepted regardless of class, skill level, or ranks. If you decide that you MUST be a troll, you will be removed. We don't want to remove you, so fight the urge! Eat a pancake!

If you have any questions about the forums, please get in touch with an Admin or Moderator: CURRENTLY> Switzerland, Mayelix, Kildarian, and Tylenall, or our one and only Half Mod Injustice, or visit our True Siel facebook page for help if you don't see a reply here.

Take a look in the helpful links section for our Teamspeak Server information, and other useful shiny stuff.

If you have a preference as to what group you'd like to join, please PM me. The current choices to choose from are: Asmo , Elyos , Asmoleyos, or stay with the default posting rankings.

Have fun!

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